Everyone shouts “change” but few dare to BE the change….

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The Change Makers Bureau recognize and showcase Change Makers (CM) in the CSI space who move and shake their industry.

Finding a registered and verified charity or organization to donate funds to, support, align with or give exposure to is becoming increasingly difficult.

The Change Makers Bureau is connecting Charities and organizations to potential donors, funders, and media in its community.

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The Movers And Shakers Group also assist our Change Maker organisations with various marketing efforts: from websites to digital campaigns to events.

We assist with strategy, ensuring your brand message aligns with that which Funders and Sponsors look for, marketing and PR efforts and more.

CM’s receive discount when booking Talents and using the events portal. We also offer design & marketing services at discounted rates to the CM network.

Our Process & Services

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Get started today with your organisation’s CHANGE MAKER profile. We offer a free signup for registered organisations in the CSI space. Organisations are verified by the necessary Industry / Government depart-ments before profiles are added.



Even though we market the various service offerings to a different audiences, we can assist you with a more individualised marketing and PR campaign, which includes marketing material, press releases, designs and artwork and more.



Grow your organisation’s brand and online presence with weekly blogs, videos or podcasts. Not sure where to start? We can help you set that up and produce your content that will help you reach and retain funders, donors and sponsors.