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Association for the Sensory Disabled

Worcester – Western Cape

About the Organisation

The Association for the Sensory Disabled (ASD) is an independent, non-governmental organisation that operates within the paradigm of the past and future role of parents of children with disabilities within the context of special- needs care and education.

We make it a reality for children with special needs [sensory disabled] to be taken care of in a safe environment, to learn and develop; and to attain their full potential as is possible within their set of circumstances. We assert that children with special needs could learn, indeed have a right to education, and we foster trust-based parent–professional partnerships.

Using the past as a prelude to the future, we programme is based on two aspirations for the future:

to foster empathy, compassion, and dignity within a safe, caring environment; and
to “get a life” rather than just “get an education.”
Our key objective is to offer a caring environment where empathy, compassion, and dignity abound and where, as a consequence, children with disabilities can experience a complete, fulfilled lifespan.

At the ASD, we commit to the care of children who are sensory multi-disabled and who come from the impoverished rural communities of Worcester in the heart of the Breede Valley, Western Cape.

ASD is registered in terms of South Africa’s Non-Profit Directorate and is managed by a management committee, consisting of members of the public, social workers, people who have experience of multi-disabled children and/or who are parents of multi-disabled children.

The Association serves all ages, sexes, religions, races and backgrounds. In order to avoid situations where children are left alone at home without stimulation and a chance to develop, ASD started a training and service centre in April 2004. Today 44 children are enrolled at the Sean J Kelly Centre and 12 children are housed in the recently established group home; a care facility that makes provision for multi-disabled children in need of 24-hours care services.


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  • Jailbreak Fundraising Project
    On 30 August 2019, security officers from Capital Security will “arrest” high-profile people in Worcester and take them to a holding cell at the Golden Valley casino where they will be required to raise bail money / funds for the ASD.

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