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The Equinox Trust

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About the Organisation

The Equinox Trust has designed 4 specific programmes in the areas of youth at risk, abused women, carers and mental health professionals and Forensic patients from Valkenberg Psychiatric Hospital. Participants in these programmes work with the horses through the modality of Equine Assisted Therapy and Learning to achieve the programme goals and objectives. In the partnership with horses, participants will engage in experiential ground-based activities that do not involve horse riding. The participants work with the horses through specifically focused activities that create a space for awareness and change. These ground-based activities enable them to become self-aware by learning to recognize and identify their needs and be empowered to make positive choices to support and achieve their goals and manage their challenges. Equine Assisted Therapy (E.A.T.) engages participants physically, mentally and emotionally. By interacting with horses, participants engage in ground-based activities (no horse riding is involved), which creates an opportunity for clients to compare their experiences with the horses and the activities to their real-life experiences. As the horse and client embark on activities such as catch and halter a horse, move it around, get it to walk through and over obstacles, the horses start to non-judgmentally mirror the client’s state of being. The clients are encouraged to take notice of these horse behaviours. Once the reflective nature of this connections is made, the client is able to access a visual representation of his/her reality and is then able to explore his/her perception of the world. Clients are thus empowered to choose how to manage these perceptions. Through working with horses, clients are able to develop and promote self-esteem, confidence, group cohesion, empathy, leadership, appropriate boundaries, trust and assertiveness. E.A.T. is an innovative and creative modality for addressing a wide range of therapeutic and emotional needs.



  • Women Trauma Survivors Programme
    The aim of the Women Trauma Survivors Programme is to help women to overcome past trauma and promote emotional growth and reparation in an emotionally supportive environment.

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