Be a Conversation Starter in a world trying to “influence”…

BECOME / WORK WITH Conversation Starters

The Conversation Starters Bureau recognize individuals who, through their social media presence and posts, have the ability to start conversations around brands, projects, events and more.

“Influencer marketing” became a huge trend in the last few years, and we have seen a shift towards micro-influencers and now to nano-influencers.

The term “influencer” is misleading with every second person now being an “influencer” of some sorts. Therefore, we make sure we identify “Conversation Starters” as engagement and the conversations around a post topic are me important than any amount of followers or likes.

If you feel that your social media presence and posts can add value and start conversations around brands, events, projects etc. join our Conversation Starter Bureau.

If you are looking for Conversation Starters to start talking about your brand, product, project, organisation or event, get in touch.