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  • Inspirational Keynote Speaker
  • Thought Leader
  • Skills Influencer
  • Author Of “I am a Purposepreneur”

At the age of 22, Cherona D started a training and development business and has facilitated approximately 300 delegates per year since, estimating a total of 7000 hands and hearts which she has influenced personally and professionally. Dubbed a skills influencer, Cherona D is the pom-pom girl for growth, motivating and mobilising audiences.

Author of I AM A PURPOSEPRENEUR (Available at Exclusive Books, Bargain Books and most book retailers): With her effortless storytelling abilities and entrepreneurial spirit, Cherona shares the journey of being a Purposepreneur. The non-traditional and often times cringe-worthy learning. Her mandate is to encourage and motivate individuals and corporate clients alike. Cherona D is passionate about growth and has assisted numerous entrepreneurs to get their business and dreams off the ground. With her vast business knowledge spanning multiple industries, she has assisted civil engineers to beauty salon owners.

As a speaker her niche is addressing topics that touch on Growth, Influence & Resilience. She is known for her humour on stage and engages audiences with practical tools to grow, whilst sharing her own, often times, and traumatic life experiences. Her talk, Mountains and Multifocals launched in 2019, and this keynote has had many an audience in fits of laughter as Cherona D touches on the everyday challenges of life, business and the mortifying signs of turning 40!

Cherona D has experienced life in many shapes and forms. She is mom to two boys facing their own unique challenges, one living with high functioning anxiety and the other, Tourettes Syndrome. She has conquered three seasons of Cancer and mastered the art of treatment, wigs and turbans. 2017 was one of the most traumatic and life-altering for Cherona as she navigated the slippery slopes of her dad being murdered in the home she was raised in.

This recovering perfectionist and no-longer validation seeker, will relate and capture the hearts and attention of any audience she addresses.

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