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She’s the the kind of person you meet once in a lifetime, an obsessed catalyst for living your best life. A coach, speaker, entrepreneur and Marketing specialist who’s vision is to increase global consciousness.  

Danielle Grotewold’s insatiable thirst for  knowledge and obsession with the magics and mystics of the human mind is the key driver to her approach and success strategies, she assists individuals and organizations with a master plan suitable for their life and business goals and uses this platform to increase personal consciousness and magnetize every individual both on and offline.

A look into her development journey includes qualifying as a certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Life Coach specializing in; personal development, image, work-life balance, positive mindset and executive coaching. 

Programmes such as Mind Power, Shaping Your Destiny, Art of Living, Turning Point, The Study of Kinesiology, Reiki and Alternative Healing methods have all contributed to her being the proud founder of the DeeVine Life organization, a health conscious brand that provides best-practice solutions to help you live the best version of you.

DeeVine Life has a range of health products, coaching and public speaking offerings.

“I have a strong desire to change the world, I always see how I can improve things for my clients thus I always seek continuous growth from within and place great value in developing people and always find a way to further learn from the great teachers and Gurus of our time. I want to celebrate with others in their successes and build long lasting relationships with my clientele”

There’s no question that Danielle is a highly motivated individual, when she is not intellectualizing in the boardrooms or creating vibrations of higher consciousness, you will find her wandering the world in travel, fire-walking,in yoga fitness classes or making conscious uplifting music for the soul

Danielle is available for consultations and speaking engagements such as key-note addresses, speech and panel events as well as conference talks and coaching services.

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