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  • Private Chef

Johan specializes in private dinner parties, bringing together nostalgic food memories and good company. His cooking style embraces fine dining techniques and is inspired by the natural flavors of seasonal produce.  

His love for food and cooking was born learning from his grandma’s cooking and his mom’s love for entertaining. He has had a passion of learn through engaging with the chefs who inspire him, studying their cook books, and spending time in the kitchen cooking, baking and constantly refining his craft.

Apart from cooking his passions are bodybuilding, a healthy lifestyle, rock music, tattoos and growing a beard.

If he could have his dream dinner party, he would invite his grandparents to reminisce over good food and times past spent with family sitting around the big dining table, that special someone, and perhaps the chefs who opened their doors for him and fueled his passion for cooking (or perhaps not!) But a dream dinner party will always be one where his food is appreciated and remembered in “do you remember” conversations.  

The most valuable advice ever received “Be the master of your circumstances. It’s not luck, it is hard work. Surround yourself with people who know you can be a better version of you“.

For a unique and delightful dinner experience, book Johan for your next dinner party!

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