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Leilani Kuter has always been a self-starter. As soon as she realised that you could turn a profit by being resourceful, she jumped into the workforce.

Leilani Kuter is the owner and proprietor of Date Night Ideas, a division of Itsy Bitzy, a successful through-the-line advertising agency that recently celebrated 10 years of creating fresh, innovative marketing campaigns for some of the country’s most exciting brands.

But this wasn’t always the case. Like many South Africans, Leilani was caught up in the very stressful, unfulfilling career cycle that didn’t provide a lot of job security. This all changed when she decided that the only way forward was to create a job for herself that would allow her to live out all her passions.  She taught herself how to become instrumental in the world of online marketing by using free, digital resources and now she wants to let other South Africans know that they can do the same.

The advent of the internet has changed the job landscape irrevocably. These days, if you have an innovative idea that will appeal to a sizeable market segment, you can create your own job. Leilani created Date Night Ideas when she realised that there was a gap in the market for affordable, fun date ideas that would allow hard-working couples (and families) of all ages to spend quality time with their partners. What initially started as a simple Facebook page where she shared her ideas, quickly gained so much traction that she launched a website and started to approach brands to use her platform as a way to promote their own businesses to this unique market segment. And so, a business was born.

But for Leilani, it’s about more than just turning a profit. With divorce rated worldwide skyrocketing, she believes more couples should ‘buy into’ the notion of a regular date night. Research has shown that couples who adhere to a regular, scheduled time to spend quality time together are much more likely to go the distance. In fact, a report released by W. Bradford Wilcox and Jeffrey Dew from the National Marriage Project in the USA studied the impact of date nights on relationships and came back with findings that suggest it contributes substantially to the longevity thereof. In less academic language – the more you date, the healthier your relationship will be!

By combining her passion for the promotion of regular couple’s time with a business plan that tapped into her strengths as a marketer, Leilani succeeded in changing her career destiny.

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