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Stefan Heiberg will leave you craving more: more of his story, more of his adventures, more about his latest project and how it’s inspiring thousands of people around the globe. Most importantly, he will leave you questioning your life, your purpose and your calling. Perhaps even your level of bravery.

So who and what is he you may ask. A mere four years ago, Stefan Heiberg was climbing the corporate ladder as Investment Specialist. He had it all as some may say. But he craved more. A craving that money and career success could not satisfy and decided to take action.

He walked out of his office one day with nothing in his pocket but a paper boat and a dream; and the unrelenting hope and conviction that the mirage he was envisioning in his mind would not be a mere pipe dream.

He has since sailed the world, explored places unknown to most of us, started the Paperboat Project and are once again on a mission to impact lives, one paper boat at a time.

Stefan is a Speaker that will capture the audience’s attention and take them on a journey that cannot easily be forgotten.

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